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Tarkarli has all the attributes of a beautiful tropical holiday destination. A long walk by the sea on the Tarkarli beach to the south will take you throgh small fishing hamlets upto devbaug where the Karli backwaters meet the Arabian sea. On the other side of Devbaug Sangam is the Bhogwe beach another very secluded beach a place ideal to visit by boat from Tarkarli.
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Bhogwe Beach

Seperated from Tarkarli by the Karli backwaters Bhogwe beach is a popular point covered by operators of boating in tarkarli along with the Nivati Fort and Nivati rocks.

See and Experience
There is lots to see and experience in Tarkarli. Malvani delicacies are world famous and is an overlap between Maharashtrian and Goan culinary styles. If you are a non vegetarian a Tarkarli holiday will be a gustatory delight. Malvani masalas is also something that you can add in your shopping list while in Tarkarli. You can also shop for the famous wooden toys made by Sawantwadi artisans in the Malvan market. Cashew nuts and other produsts like kokam and 'solkadi' can also be purchased from the Malvan market.
The Tarkarli beach itself is the main attraction in Tarkarli however there is lots to see in and around Tarkarli making Tarkarli an ideal holiday destination. For the ones interested in historic spots The sindhudurg fort just a few minutes away from Tarkarli is a must visit. Rosary church in Malvan one of the oldest in western India is also worth a visit.
Sightseeing in Tarkarli
Sindhudurg Fort near Tarkarli
Rosary Church - Tarkarli Sightseeing
Tsunami Island

Located off the coast of Devbaug half an hour away from Tarkarli, Tsunami island is the hub of all the water sports activities in Tarkarli. Devbaug sangam where Karli backwaters meets the sea is also one of the most picturesque spots near Tarkarli.
Tarkarli Water Sports
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