Burnt Island - Vengurla
Sindhudurg Fort near Tarkarli
Kunkeshwar Temple - Devgad
Around Tarkarli..

Tarkarli happens to be in a region that springs up a surprise at every turn. Tarkarli has something of everything to keep you excited during your holidays in Tarkarli. There are many beautiful destinations near Tarkarli making Tarkarli an ideal part of a long holiday or a vacation. Goa is a major destination near Tarkarli with which it is coupled quite often.
There is lots to see around Tarkarli. About 60 Kms to the north of Tarkarli is Devgad famous for the Alphonso mangoes. Kunkeshwar Temple with a pristine beach to add to its aesthetic appeal  is near Devgad. To the south of Tarkarli just 40 kms by 'sagari mahamarg' is Vengurla, and in between Tarkarli and Vengurla lies the beaches of Nivati and Bhogwe.
Nivati Fort

Just 20 kms south of Tarkarli is Nivati famous for the Nivati fort. To the either sides of the fort lies the Nivati and Bhogwe beach. Nivati fort is a popular point in boating circuits from Tarkarli.

Goa the most popular tourist destination in western India is just a few hours from Tarkarli. Terekhol fort at the northern end of Goa is just about 60 Kms from Tarkarli via the 'sagari mahamarg' which passes through Vengurla and Redi. Via the NH, Mapusa, the hub of north Goa is under 100 kms from Tarkarli making Tarkarli an ideal destination to add to the list of destinations that one could cover during a Goan holiday.

Burnt Island - Vengurla rocks..

A bird watchers paradise Vengurla Rocks or the Burnt island is an island off the coast from Malvan. Burnt island is a traditional roosting and nesting site of the Indian Swiftlet, the Edible nest swiftlet and many more species of avians.

80 Kms from Tarkarli is Amboli, a hillstation which is the southern end of the Sahyadris. Amboli waterfalls is located right by the SH where most of the tourists stop enroute Goa.
Around Tarkarli
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Around Tarkarli
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