Water Sports in Tarkarli

Tarkarli is slowly emerging as the most sought after destination for water sports in Maharashtra amongst the beach buffs. Tsunami island in the Karli back waters is the hub of water sports activities in Tarkarli. S.C.U.B.A Diving and snorkeling, islands off the coast and Tarkarli coast being the most popular for dolphin watch sea rides, Tarkarli is really a haven for the ones who love the surf!

Tsunami island off the banks of Devbaug is the centre of all activities related to water sports in Tarkarli. There are more than one operator of water sports in Tarkarli and the rates vary from operator to operator depending on the equipments. All the major water rides including jet skiis are available in Tarkarli.

Water Sports in Tarkarli

Sea World in Tondavali


The state government has approved a Rs.-509 crore project to build India's first oceanarium in Todavali, half an hour from Tarkarli. Sea World, which is slated to begin construction in September 2014.


The sea world project will include theme-based restaurants, 3D dome & theatre, an underwater studio for film shooting and a mock Antarctica among several other attractions. The ambitious project however hasnt started yet.

Tondavali Beach

Even as government has scaled down the quantum of land to be acquired for the country’s first sea world project to less than a fourth of its original size of 1390 acres, the locals have refused to give any land towards the project.

Must Visit in Tarkarli

Tsunami Island

Located off the coast of Devbaug minutes away from Tarkarli, Tsunami island is the hub of all the water sports activities in Tarkarli. A very small island, Tsunami island stays under water during high tides! Devbaug sangam where Karli back waters meets the sea is also a picturesque spot near Tarkarli

Watersports in Tarkarli

All the exciting water rides like bumper ride, banana ride, jet ski, water scooters, kayaking and speed boat rides are available at Tsunami island. Parasailing in the Tarkarli is also available where one can fly over the backwaters and also get a aerial view of 'sangam' of the backwaters and the sea.

Dolphin Sighting Boatrides

Malvani being a region with a large presence of dolphins, is one of the best regions for a dolphin sighting trip into the sea. Schools of dolphins are often visible even from the shores of Tarkarli. Boating trips are organized here for dolphin sighting and early morning is the best time to do it.

Boating in Tarkarli

Boating and dolphin watch rides are very popular activities during a Tarkarli holidays. The boating operators have a few fixed routes and sightseeing points like Bhogwe beach Nivati rocks etc during boating from Tarkarli. Please note that these places like the Nivati fort, Bhogwe beach etc will only be shown from the boat and getting down at these spots is not allowed

We organize a special deep sea fishing trip that lasts for about 6 hous in a day. We give you a chance to try your hand at deep sea fishing in the day tour of boating. We take you to the light house island a few nautical miles in the sea. We also barbecue the fish that YOU catch in the boat 'fishermen style' and give them to you

Distances from Tarkarli to Sightseeing Spots

Tarkarli to Sindhudurg Fort 6 Kms
Tarkarli to Tsunami Island 8 Kms
Tarkarli to Malvan 6 Kms
Tarkarli to Bhogwe 20 Kms
Tarkarli to Chivla 7 Kms
Tarkarli to Kunkeshwar temple 45 Kms