Sarjekot Beach

Sarjekot is a much lesser known destination in Malvan located just across the Kolamd creek. Sarjkot has a beautiful sandy beach which is bordered by a rocky stretch. The rocky stretch on the northern end of Sarjekot beach gives the beach a beautiful feel and view. Water sports is also organised at Sarjekot beach and there is a SCUBA diving site too at Sarjekot.

The tourist attractions of Sarjekot is centered around the Sarjekot beach and Sarjekot jetty. The S.C.U.B.A dive site in sarjekot is located less than ten minutes boat ride from the Sarjekot jetty. The tranquil environment in Sarjekot in itself would make and ideal setting for a long holiday in Sarjekot, the activities available only increases the charm of the place!

Sarjekot Beach

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Sarjekot Watersports

Water sports facility is available at Sarjekot and all the exciting water rides are organized at the Sarjekot beach. There is currently only one water sports operator in Sarjekot and all the equipments used are new. Parasailing in the sea is also organized here.

Sarjekot Fort

Sarjekot Fort located at the mouth of Talashil Estuary is one amongst the many forts built by Shivaji maharaj in and around Malvan. Sarjekot fort is located three kms away from Malvan jetty. It is situated in north direction of Sindhudurg fort on Achara Rd

Angling in Sarjekot

The rocky stretch on the northern end of Sarjekot beach and also the Sarjekot jetty are great spots for angling. The equipments for angling can be rented locally at the beach. Angling is slowly gaining popularity and now its common to find people angling at Sarjekot.

Beaches near Sarjekot

Chivla Beach

Chivla beach is located to the north of sindhudurg fort and is a pretty cove. Scuba diving is organised from Chivla too however the actual dive site is near Sarjekot. People are taken in a boat to Sarjekot dive site from Chivla which hardly is a 10 minute boat ride.

Talashil Beach

Talashil has a long stretch of white sand beach extending even further ahead of Achara which is about 6 kms away from Talashil. Kalaval creek gives Talashil an air similar to Kerala with backwaters and the sea and swaying palms coming together gives it a sembelence to the back waters of Alapusha.

Achara Beach

Achara beach located about 4kms from Tondavali is a beach with a view to die for with an adjoining hill on which there is a light house - the Achara Lighthouse. Water sports is available at Achara beach too. The well known Rameshwar temple is located close to the Achara beach.

SCUBA Diving in Sarjekot

Sarjekot is the newest addition to the sites conducive to scubadiving near Tarkarli. The dive site is located very close to the Sarjekot jetty. Unlike Malvan where shallow dives are organised deep sea dives are offered at Sarjekot too like the in Tarkarli

Chivla also share the same dive site as Sarjekot and the difference is only the boarding point. Scuba Diving in Sarjkot is made possible even for those who Do NOT know swimming. Trained guides hand holds the the diver through out the time they are underwater.

SCUBA Diving operators in Sarjekot also offer under water photography so that one can take memoirs of their first dive underwater back home and post it to Facebook too!!

Distances from Devbaug to nearby Beaches

Sarjekot to Tarkarli Beach 13 Kms
Sarjekot to Malvan Beach 11 Kms
Sarjekot to Chivla Beach 8 Kms
Sarjekot to Dandi Beach 12 Kms
Sarjekot to Achare Beach 12 Kms
Sarjekot to Tondavali Beach 10 Kms