Beaches near Tarkarli

Tarkarli is a very long stretch of beach which extends on the Devbaug beach to its south and the Wayari beach and Dandi beach up to the Malvan jetty to its north. Due to the popularity of Tarkarli beach all these lesser known beaches are also in a way considered as the Tarkarli beach from a tourist's perspective. Kolamb across the Kalaval creek also extends on to Tondavali and Achara.

Tarkarli is part of the Malvan tehsil with a series of beaches extending from Achara to Devbaug. There are many lesser known beaches next to Tarkarli and also on the other side of Malvan jetty. Bhogwe beach another beautiful beach is located across the Karli backwaters which also extends on to Nivati with the Nivati fort between the two beaches.

Beaches near Tarkarli

Sea World in Tondavali


The state government has approved a Rs.-509 crore project to build India's first oceanarium in Todavali, half an hour from Tarkarli. Sea World, which is slated to begin construction in September 2014.


The sea world project will include theme-based restaurants, 3D dome & theatre, an underwater studio for film shooting and a mock Antarctica among several other attractions. The ambitious project however hasnt started yet.

Tondavali Beach

Even as government has scaled down the quantum of land to be acquired for the country’s first sea world project to less than a fourth of its original size of 1390 acres, the locals have refused to give any land towards the project.

Beaches near Tarkarli

Wayari Beach

Wayari is located just north of Tarkarli beac towards Malvan hardly 2 kms from Tarkarli beach by road (if one walks by the beach Tarkarli beach is just about a kilometre from Wayari. Wayari has clean stretch of white sand beach with the sindhudurg fort looming on its northern side..

Dandi Beach

Dandi is a fishermen hamlet and doesnot have much to offer as a beach however water sports is organised at Dandi beach in Malvan because of which the sea shore is frequented by a lot of tourists. Torists are also taken to SCUBA dive site near the walls of the fort from Dandi beach.

Chivla Beach

Chivla beach is located to the north of sindhudurg fort and is a pretty cove. Scuba diving is organised from Chivla too however the actual dive site is near Sarjekot. People are taken in a boat to Sarjekot dive site from Chivla which hardly is a 10 minute boat ride.

Tarkarli Beach & nearby Beaches

Tarkarli beach actually is a small stretch of beach however tourists consider any beach adjacent to Tarkarli like Wayari or Bhoothnath beach also to to be Tarkarli owing to the popularity of the Tarkarli beach and now the entire stretch of almost 10-15 kilometers of beaches are considered to be Tarkarli beach!

Tarkarli beach seamlessly extends onto Devbaug and culminates at the Debaug sangam where the Karli backawaters meets the sea to its south. To the north Tarkarli beach again seamlessly stretches onto Wayari and Bhoothnath beaches and culminates at the Dandi beach and Malvan jetty. Across the bay is Chivla beach about a kilometer from Malvan and Sarjekot and Tondavali is further north of Chivla.

Distances from Tarkarli to nearby Beaches

Tarkarli to Devbaug Beach 6 Kms
Tarkarli to Malvan Beach 7 Kms
Tarkarli to Chivla Beach 9 Kms
Tarkarli to Dandi Beach 6 Kms
Tarkarli to Sarjekot Beach 15 Kms
Tarkarli to Tondavali Beach 20 Kms