Sightseeing in Tarkarli

Tarkarli has all the attributes of a beautiful tropical holiday destination. A long walk by the sea on the Tarkarli beach to the south will take you throgh small fishing hamlets upto devbaug where the Karli backwaters meet the Arabian sea. On the other side of Devbaug Sangam is the Bhogwe beach another very secluded beach a place ideal to visit by boat from Tarkarli.

The Tarkarli beach itself is the main attraction in Tarkarli however there is lots to see in and around Tarkarli making Tarkarli an ideal holiday destination. For the ones interested in historic spots The sindhudurg fort just a few minutes away from Tarkarli is a must visit. Rosary church in Malvan one of the oldest in western India is also worth a visit.

Tarkarli Beach

Shopping in Tarkarli

Malvani Thali

There is lots to see and experience in Tarkarli. Malvani delicacies is an overlap between Maharashtrian and Goan culinary styles. If you are a non vegetarian a Tarkarli holiday will surely be a gustatory delight.

Wooden Toys - Malvan Market

Malvani masalas is also something that you can add in your shopping list while in Tarkarli. You can also shop for the famous wooden toys made by Sawantwadi artisans in the Malvan market about 7 kms from Tarkarli.

Malvani Masala

Cashew nuts and produsts like kokam and 'solkadi' are Konkan specialities and good quality products of the same can be purchased from the Malvan market. Good quality dried fish can also purchased from here if interested.

Must Visit in Tarkarli

Tsunami Island

Located off the coast of Devbaug minutes away from Tarkarli, Tsunami island is the hub of all the water sports activities in Tarkarli. A very small island, Tsunami island stays under water during high tides! Devbaug sangam where Karli back waters meets the sea is also a picturesque spot near Tarkarli.

Bhogwe Beach

Located on the Sagari Mahamarg connecting Malvan to Vengurla Bhogwe with Nivati to its south. zThe beach is scattered with rocks and if you plan to take a dip take a close look before you venture into the sea to avoid the rocks. The sea near Bhogwe has visibility more than 6-8 feets

Nivati Fort

Nivati fort today is in ruins although some of the walls of the fort are still in good condition. The fort is located on 50m high ground from the sea and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the sea and the beach. Nivati fort provides beautiful views of Bhogwe & Nivati beach and the sea.

Attractions near Tarkarli

Malvan Rock Gardens

Malvan Rock Gardens is a beautifuly manicured garden located just by the sea overlooking the Chivla beach. The rock gardens also have a toy train now

Achara beach

A virgin beach with clean white sands Achara is a few km ahead of Tondavali beach. Rameshwar Temple is a well known temple located close to Achara beach.

Golden Ganesh Temple

Located close to the Malvan rock gardens, the Jay Ganesh mandir in Medha has a golden ganesh idol which has become very popular amongst tourists and devotees alike.

Talashil Beach

Located close to Tondavali beach, Talashil is a white sand beach untouched by commercialisation. Talashil is a good place to visit if you want to just get away!


Vijaydurg Fort is the largest fort on the coast and was used to harbor and repair Maratha warships. Vijaydurg is 75 kms from Tarkarli and is a great 1 day trip point.

Kunkeshwar Temple

Kunkeshwar Temple is a Shiva Temple built in 1100 AD at Kunkeshwar in South Indian style of temple architecture right at the beach offering splendid sea views.

Boating in Tarkarli

Boating and dolphin watch rides are very popular activities during a Tarkarli holidays. The boating operators have a few fixed routes and sightseeing points like Bhogwe beach Nivati rocks etc during boating from Tarkarli. Please note that these places like the Nivati fort, Bhogwe beach etc will only be shown from the boat and getting down at these spots is not allowed

There are some exotic islands off the coast from Malvan. The Nivati rocks is one of the beautiful rocky island here apart from the lighthouse island and burnt island famous for bird watching. We organize a special deep sea fishing trip that lasts for about 6 hous in a day. We give you a chance to try your hand at deep sea fishing in the day tour of boating. We take you to the light house island a few nautical miles in the sea. We also barbecue the fish that YOU catch in the boat 'fishermen style' and give them to you

Distances from Tarkarli to Sightseeing Spots

Tarkarli to Sindhudurg Fort 6 Kms
Tarkarli to Tsunami Island 8 Kms
Tarkarli to Malvan 6 Kms
Tarkarli to Bhogwe 20 Kms
Tarkarli to Chivla 7 Kms
Tarkarli to Kunkeshwar temple 45 Kms
Tarkarli to Vijaydurg 75 Kms