Best Route from Pune to Tarkarli

Pune - Satara - Kolhapur  - Gaganbawda - Kasal - Malvan - Tarkarli

Best Route from Mumbai to Tarkarli

Mumbai - Panvel - Mahad - Hathkhamba - Lanja - Kasal - Malvan - Tarkarli

Best Route from Kolhapur to Tarkarli

Kolhapur - Gaganbawda - Talere - Kankavli - Kasal - Malvan - Tarkarli

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Tarkarli Road Map..

Tarkarli is about 35 kms off the NH 17 from Kudal just before reaching Sindhudurg town. The route to Tarkarli from Mumbai is pretty straight forward as one has to follow the Goa highway for about 400 kms till Kudal. The best way to reach Tarkarli from Pune is via Kolhapur, the best route to reach NH 17 from Kolhapur is via the Gaganbawda ghat.

How to Reach Tarkarli
Located in the Malvan tehsil of Sindhudurg district Tarkarli is amongst the southernmost tourist destinations in Maharashtra. Sindhudurg and kudal are the nearest railway stations near Tarkarli and is a convenient way to travel to Tarkarli.
Distances from Major Cities
Tarkarli from Pune
If you want to use train as your mode of transport to Tarkarli there is only one train which take the Konkan railway route from Pune which stops at Sawantwadi 60 kms from Tarkarli. By road the best route is via Kolhapur. From Kolhapur you may either take Radhanagari route or the Gaganbawda route. Although if you take the Radhanagari route you can visit the Dajipur bison sanctuary the road remains in very poor repair almost always. If you are planning to visit only Tarkarli its better to take Gaganbawda route.
Tarkarli - Goa

Tarkarli is a good stop especially between Mumbai and Goa if you are on a long holiday. Its better to stop at Tarkarli on the way back to change your palate and you can also enjoy some snorkeling and S.C.U.B.A Diving in Tarkarli.
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